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Six fingers, Marquesas Islands.

This statue, more than two meters high, is from originally from Raivavae, Austral Islands in French Polynesia. It is now standing in front of the Paul Gaugin museum in Tahiti. It was moved here by men from the Marquesas Islands - none of Raivavae's own men dared to touch the sacred statue, because that would mean disease and bad luck. It has six fingers. Did it hold something in it's hands? Statue from Raivavae.

The large Tiki Takai on the island of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia has six fingers. Norwegian Thor Heyerdahl and Swedish Bengt Danielson, both of the Kon-Tiki expedition, once lived here - and both wrote that many of the statues had six fingers. The statues can still be seen today, but already when Heyerdahl lived on Fatu Hiva in 1947 many of them were damaged. Tiki Takai.

Tangaroa is on of the most important Polynesian gods - the legends say that he separated heaven from the earth - some say he even created everything. The missionaries destroyed most of the statues of Tangaroa because he is always portrayed with a large penis. The wooden statue of the god Tangaroa is from Cook Islands. Tangaroa is said to have six fingers. Tangaloa.

Not a statue, but footprints - on Tarawa, the main atoll of Kiribati. I found footprints after a giant, his wife and children in a schoolyard in the village Banreaba. They all had six toes. Erik Von Däniken found one untouched 5,3 meter long grave in Kiribati, where a giant is said to buried, but were unable to examine it. The people are very afraid of ghosts. Tiki Takai.

The statues on the Eastern Island (Rapa Nui) are perhaps most famous for their gigantic size, but did you know quite a few of the statues have six fingers? The Norwegian archaeological expedition in 1956/57 lead by Thor Heyerdahl made a notice of this. but Heyerdahl chose regard this as unimportant - was he wrong? You find people on the island today with six fingers! Statue, moai, from Eastern Island.

"Birdman" from the Eastern Island (Rapa Nui). They say that the rim of Rano Kau became the center of a Birdman Cult. You will find simular "birdmen" in Peru and Turkey (Göbekli Tepe). Not six fingers? Well, somebody obviously retouched away one here - but why? Statue, moai, from Eastern Island.

South America
They (the Ugha Mongulala tribe) had no tools as they did which, as if by magic, SUSPENDED THE HEAVIEST STONES, FLUNG LIGHTING AND MELTED ROCKS." These strangers civilized the tribe and built three great cities of stone called: Akanis, Akakor, and Akahim


But the decisive sign that distinguished the Ancient Fathers from man were the six fingers on each of their hands and the six toes on each of their feet, which according to the LEGEND, is the characteristic feature of their divine origin."

The statue in the picture is from San Augustin in Peru, where Thor Heyerdahl to his surprise found statues that looked very much the same as the ones had had seen on Eastern Island and Marquesas islands. Some had six fingers too! And they look noticeable like many of the ones you can find in the ancient cities of Mexico and other places in Central America. Statue from San Augustin.

Petroglyp of a six fingered hand in Cueva De Las Manos, the Cave of the Hands, in the Pantagonian part of Argentina. The name Patagonia comes from the word patagón used by Magellan in 1520 to describe the native people that his expedition thought to be giants. Petroglyp from Cueva del Milodon

Another ancient drawing of a six fingered hand, this time Parque Nacional Sete Cidades, Brazil. In this national park you can find 1500 rock paintings that are between 3-6000 years old.

The Waorani-people of Equador shall have superior genetics, being some of the healthiest people in the world. Some have six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot — often the characteristics of giants.

Central America
Kukulkan is a major deity of the ancient Central America, and many claim he must be the same as Viracocha, the Inca god of South America. Well, in the ancient temples of Mexico he is also connected to Pacal Votan. His son was Chan Balan, and everywhere Chan Balan is depicted in the carvings at Palenque, he has six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.

A sarcophagus at the ancient ruins of Palenque in Mexico you will also find depictions of another person with six fingers. It is supposedly Lady Zac-Kuk or Lady White Quetzal, and she may have been an ancestor of Lord Pacal, a king of Paleque. Obviously a family with a six-fingers trait!
Six fingers, Palenque

North America
The Hopi Indians of North America claim that they originally came from a now disappeared land in the Pacific, but that they had to flee when the sea started to rise. Their legends are telling that their gods helped them to cross the ocean - that they first landed in South America and then moved north. One of them was the Sky- Kachina. As the other gods she could fly - and she had six fingers! The Sky-Kachina.

Not a statue, but: At Three Rivers in New Mexico you can find quite a lot of very interesting old petroglyphs. Several of them are showing hands with six fingers. The one in the picture seems to be reaching toward the sky, with a wavy design over it. Can it be a snake/flying serpent or the Milky Way? Petroglyps, six  fingers.

Petroglyphs from Newpaper Rock in Indian Creek State park, Colorado, USA, are showing human feet with six toes - and also six fingers. This is the area of among others the Paiute indians, their legends tell how they killed the red-haired giants in the Lovelock cave of Navada. Petroglyps, six  fingers.

Mesa Verde is a national park and heritage site in Montezuma County, Colorado, USA. At least one of the ancient petroglyphs shows a human hand with six fingers. Petroglyps, six  fingers.

In Pueblo Bonito, New Mexico close to Arizona, USA, you will find footprints with six toes. And fingerprints with six fingers. The Anasazi indians came up here from the south, legends says. The legens also tell about giants they called Yethso. Petroglyps, six  fingers.

Another footprint showing six toes. This time from the the Mogollon Rim of the U.S. state of Arizona. Petroglyps, six  toes.

Another footprint showing six toes. This time from the the red tank dray m of the U.S. state of Arizona. Mer på denne siden! Petroglyps, six  fingers

Ok, ok - not a statue or petroglyph. But the film from what many say is of an autopsy of aliens from a UFO-crash in Rosswell shows six fingers. And there were supposedly found devices, where the UFO-crew put their six fingered hands. Click on the picture to see them! Alien?

Apollo 20 was a space mission cancelled in 1970. Some claim they actually went to the moon anyway and found a crashed alien ship - and entered it. They found two bodies; on a girl they called Mona Lisa. She had six fingers. They filmed her, click on the picture! Alien?

Catalina Island. Researcher and author L.A. Marzulli travelled to Catalina Island to take a closer look at a pictures of a skeleton that must have been 8 1/2 feet (2.60 m) in life.
Marzulli also discovered that one of the skeletons on the on Glidden's photos had six fingers!

Not a staute but a mummy! Pentawer (or Pentaweret) was an ancient Egyptian prince of the 20th dynasty, a son of Pharaoh Ramesses III and a secondary wife, Tiye. It definately seems from the picture that he had - six fingers and toes!!
The mummy is very unusual because it appears to have been embalmed quickly, without removing the brain and viscera, and to have been placed in a cedar box, the interior of which had to be crudely hacked to widen it.
He and his royal family has very long skulls, like Ramses II and Tutankhamund. And they came from the Black Sea area!
Relief with six fingers.

This relief on a temple in Esna, Egypt, is showing a man or a god or a pharaoe holding something in his left hand. Might be it would be interesting to know what he is holding or what he is doing or who he was, but anyway: Take a closer look at the hand. Yes - six fingers! Relief with six fingers.

Clay-figure on coffin lid found in an ancient cemetery at Deir El-Balah, near Gaza in Egypt. The cemetery is said to be from the 13 century BC for high ranked Egyptian officers or Canaanite rulers. The figure on the lid shows six fingers on one hand. Relief with six fingers.

This statue from Kiev in Russia is supposed to be 4000 years old. Some say he is an alien a kind of space-suit. I don't know, - and I am not hundered percent sure his has six fingers either, since I have not studied the statue. But if you try to hold your arms/hands like him, then the tumbs will be on the backside of your leg. He is showing five fingers. Statue from Russia.

Goliath, the famous giant slain by the later king David, was about 12 feet (3,66 meters) tall. He was one of the last giants, the Anakim. These giants were the offspings of the sons of God and the daughters of men, as citied in Genesis 6:4. Also Goliath, according to the Bible, he had six fingers and six toes. Recent statues of Goliath and David.

The archaeologists found 9000 year old plaster statues at Ain Ghazal in Jordan. There had been human skeletons inside the now hollow statues. One of the statues had feet with six toes. Recent statues of Goliath and David.

"Siren figures" from Olympia in Greece show six fingers. They were part human, part bird (or angels?). Originated probably in eastern Anatolia or North Syria, eighth or ninth Century BC. They might represent ancient giants; Rephaim. Recent statues of Goliath and David.

The sumerian culture might be the oldest in the world - where sivilisation was born. You can still find sumerian statues and encarvings showing their gods - with six fingers. Their gods taught them everything - even mathematics based on the six digits system. No wonder - since they had six fingers! The sumerian believed that their gods came from stars - the Pleiads. Annunaki with six fingers.

In the Monastery Shemokmedi at the foothills of Caucasus in the western Georgian province of Guria you can find a painting of a sixfingered angel. The site even predates the monastery's early Christian origins and there is also "Stone of Giant". According to a legend a giant used to terrify the village until Saint George was called to help. He killed the giant, as he had killed the dragon, and the grateful people erected the church for Saint George. Angel with six fingers.

A stone image from the Iron Age found at Pauvrelay in Indre-et-Loire, France, has six fingers on both hands. It is said to be a flute player (but how do you play a flute like that?). Take a look at the statue from the Pacific at the top and notice the similarities! The hands, the six fingers, the neck/collar, the round face, the features! A coincidence? Six fingers. . Flute player?

Ireland: A fossilized giant was discovered during mining operations in County Antrim, in 1895. The giant was 12ft, 2in tall and had six toes on the right foot. The gross weight was more than 2 tons, so it took half a dozen men and a powerful crane to place this article in position for a picture. The giant was brought to England and exhibited, but was later lost.
Six fingers. . Flute player?


China: A Buddhist statue; The Sakyamuni statue in Huangfugong Cave, Longmen Grottoes has a height of 3.18 meters - and six fingers.

Six fingers. on Buddha statue

Tibet: An ancient statue found by a German expedition to Tibet in 1938 . It is said to portray the Buddhist god Vaisravana but is often called "Space Buddha" or "Iron Man" It is carved from an ataxite, very rare iron from a meteorite. Six fingers, with a swastika on the chest - and modern looking shoes. Not very asian looking at all - and at more than 1000 years old.
Six fingers. . Flute player?

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