Me: Terje Dahl. Click for my personal home-pages.I am editing a web-magazine about the South Pacific, and during my research on the ancient statues on the islands I found that the legends almost always tell about giants. And
to my surprise: So do legends all over the world!
Giants. Human-like creatures, much taller than normal persons. Like the trolls of Norway, the Titans of Greece, Goliath from the Bible. We have all heard and read about giants. But: What if the stories are more than just fairytales and mythology, what if the giants really have lived? That bones and fossils are hidden from our eyes - that the authorities and archaeologists keep the truth under cover? Luckily, we today have the internet where we can share information, - so let's us together try to find the truth! I believe it will be very interesting - and even important. Without knowing the truth about the past we might not have a future we can trust!
The Bible
In ancient texts all over the world you can read stories about giants. Most famous is of course the Bible, the Old Testament.
Genesis 6:4:
"There were giants in the
earth in those days; and
also after that, when the
sons of God came in unto
the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty
men which were of old,
men of renown."
Remember the giant that David killed with his sling? Goliath of Garth was 12 feet tall - one of the last giants,
the Anakim. The first giants? You find them at the very beginning of the Bible, Genesis 6: "There were giants in the earth in those days."
    Many schoolars say that our civilisation started in ancient Mesopotamia, with the Sumerian people. Their learned everything from their gods, like writing and maths. Like the god of Christianity they came from heaven, but not a theological heaven. They came from the stars, the Pleiads. And what more: These gods/kings were giants!
First explorers.
Giants of Patagonia.Ancient legends told about gold to be found some place far across the sea. In 1519 the Spanish explorer Magellan was, as far as our history-books tell, one of the first to go searching. Before he sailed around the tip of South America he came across people of large stature - and feet. He called the land Patagonia.
   When the Spaniards, in their thirst after gold, discovered Mexico they heard legends telling that the pyramids they found were built by giants. The ancient city of Teotihuacan was built by giants with the purpose to transform men into gods.
   In South America they also found gold, heaps of gold. Luckily there is today a private gold-museum where invited guests can awe at the golden-clad giant inca-king, the mummified head about twice as large as a normal head and his golden tunic made of spun gold over eight feet tall. Stories about other giants are also preserved, like the one about the brutal giants that came ashore from the sea. For a long period of time they terrorised the local people with cruelty and cannibalism.
Moai of Eastern Island.South Pacific
It was not only the Spaniards that sailed across the sea in search of wealth. The Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen discovered an island far out in the Pacific Ocean one eastern day in 1772, and was surprised to see giant statues of stone. And living giants that were so tall that the seamen could walk upright between their legs. There are lot of large, ancient statues made of stones on the tiny islands in the ocean that covers one third of our planet, and even more legends about giants! Myself, I was present when two archaeologists were about to open the grave of an ancient giant in Tuvalu, but were stopped because the islanders thought it was to dangerous to disturb the spirit!
Giant sceletons, sizes.Go west
The first European settlers that came to North-America found hardship, Indians - and artificial mounds. To make way for roads and buildings quite a number of the mounds were dug and levelled - and the workers were surprised to find tombs with human bones that were very large. Skulls from the mounds had cavities large enough to admit the head of an ordinary man! Even if the settlers now and then encountered live Indians that were extremely tall, the strange items found close to the remains made them conclude that the bones could not have belonged to Indians - it must have been a race of giants in America in ancient days!
All over the world
Skjeleton found in Saudi Arabia!What is said to be remains after giants have been found all over the world. Of course there will always be some "funny" stories backed up by fake pictures, but when the sensational stuff is thrown out there is still more than enough to wonder if what we as young believed were fairytales have a root in reality. Might be the trolls once lived inside the mountains? Might be Goliath of the Bible really was 12 feet tall?
Six fingers
Sumerian giants, six fingers.Goliath had six fingers and toes, and this phenomena you can find in many legends and stories of giants. Plus on ancient statues all over the world. Many footprints that are said to be after giants have six toes. Yes, it is also said that the fossils and bones of giants showed six fingers and/or toes. It might perhaps be noted that some say that aliens from outer space have six fingers, and that the Sumerian giants gods/kings from the stars also often is pictured with six fingers (to read my webpages about six fingers, click
Give me proof!
You might say: Give me proof! Where are the bones that have been found? Good question, and hopefully we will one day have the answers! Many of the bones that are said to be found, like hundred years ago, were already in bad shape - many of them smouldered to dust when touched. Some bones were reburied, some were stolen and some lost. But during the years it is said that quite a number of bones have been take care of by authorities and museums - and hidden out of sight. Out of sight out of mind. And there are rumours that this is happening even today! The authorities don't want stories that can shake or change the history we know; it might have national and international implications. But we don't like things like that, do we?

So come on folks - send me facts, pictures and theories!
Me: Terje Dahl. Click for my personal home-pages.My name is Terje "Terry" Dahl, and I am a Norwegian citizen. I have sailed single-handed to the Pacific and lived several years on an atoll in the remote country of Tuvalu. I have a keen interest in the old culture of the South Pacific, and I also like to keep an open mind to the ancient mysteries of our world. And luckily for me: These two topics very often blend!

I am not making any money out of my research; I'm not selling any books about giants. I am doing it because I feel it is important; Without knowing our past it might be difficult to say something about our future!

Terje Dahl