Giant footprint.Here you can find links to some interesting webpages. Remember that URLs might change and dissapear, - and that I cannot garantee the contents on the pages. Please send me URLs to other sites of interest!

Steve Quayle: "Genesis 6 Giants"
- links to videoes and texts
Burlington News: "Giants ...Giants...Giants...Giants.."
- a large site about giants.
The return of the Nephilim: "Giants in History"
- another large site about giants ("Looking for truth in a world of many lies")

Gary Stearman: "Valley of the Giants"
- a look at the giants of the Bible.

Mysterious World: "Giants"
- a long page about giants, plenty about the Kurgan/Aryan people.

Stan Grist: "Giant Human Remains."
- another long page about giants - findings all over the world.

Boyd Rice: Giants on the Earth
- a good article about the different kind of giants.

David Pratt: "Human Origins the ape-ancestry myth."
- a chapter about human giants on a interesting webpage/website.

The Surfing the Apocalypse Network Archive: "A tale of ancient giants"
- a story about the giant graves on Rotuma, Fiji.;read=54395

Bible Believers: "Giant Humans and Dinosaurs"
- about giant human footprints at the time of the dinusaurs.

Rex Gilroy: "Footprints From The Dreamtime"
- about giant footprints and tools discovered in Australia

Terry Dahl: "Six fingers"
- many of the giants have six fingers. Why?

TheWatcherFiles: " Biblical Information of Giants (8,850 B.C. to 1,300 B.C.)"
- a long page with explanations to the refrenses to giants in the bible.

Reformation: "The Days of Noah Are Here Again!!"
- looking at giants ("Satans bloodline") in the Bible - and other places.

"Giants Lived In The Earth's Past."
- another page looking at giants in the Bible and other places.

Barry Chamish: "Are Giants Returning to the Holy Land?"
- strange UFO Sightings in Israel.

"Rollo the Walker and Relatives"
- about the giants viking(s)

Rollo the Viking
- about the viking(s).

J. Stanley Gardiner (1898): "II. Early canoe voyagers."
- giants of Tonga and Rotuma (plus migration).

Beyond Science: "Ancient Race of White Giants Described in Native Legends From Many Tribes"

Other interesting websites - with related contents:
Megalithic New Zealand
- about the hidden history of New Zealand

The Melungeons: Who are they? (Mysterious people of USA, often six fingers)

Jane Resture: The Prehistoric Architecture of Oceania

Videoes on Youtube:
Giants - Mystrery and the Myth
Arhur C Clarkes Mysterious World: Giants for the gods
In Search of Ancient Tehnology

Terje Dahl 2006.