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The Norway - Pacific penfriends page
This page is for Norwegians and South Pacific islanders only, please do respect this!
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Find a friend
Hello everybody I am Malik from Norway I am 50years mail looking for good honest female friend my e mail is. ( Every body wellcome

Looking for Hawaiians!
Hei, I`m a 30 year old girl living in Oslo, Norway and working as a fashion designer. I am looking for people from Hawaii for cultural exchange. I am particularly interested in Hawaiian food, design/ handicraft and music. In return, I could tell about Scandinavian design/culture. Write me if you are interested!

I am a 39-year old norwegian woman seeking pen-friends for cultural exchange. I could tell you about my country and our cultures, and you could tell me about your country. I prefer female pen-friends around age 40.
Anne Mette

Snail mail penpals
I'm a 29 year old woman who seeks snail mail penpals in these countries: Fiji, Micronesia, Kiribati, Vanuatu, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, Nauru, Palau and Samoa. My hobbies are cooking, learning languages, learning about religions and cultures, reading, listening to music, watching movies and TV, sports, animals, and travelling. Not looking for romance, I have a family already :) E-mail me for my address.
Norwegian woman says: Aloha!
Hi!I would like to know just you! You are a nice ,friendly person, either male or female, age 34-42, living in Hawaii. I`m a youthful norwegian woman of 40, named Natalie. I`m educated as a nurse. When I don`t work, I try to find time to work out at my local gym, jog, read, draw or just be with friends. I love horses, dogs and cats. I always found it interesting knowing people and cultures all over the world, and althoug I never went to Hawaii, I feel it must be a special place. Thats why I would like to know you, and I hope we can share a warm friendship. Please send me an e-mail and you will have my attention!

Norwegian pair loking for friends
Norwegian pair 48 years wants to write with pairs in Australia and the pacific islands. We are planning a 2 mounths holliday in 2010 and want someone to meet us and show us the real life in your area. Please mail us and maybee we can meet. If you are planning to go to Norway please take contact.
Leif Olsen
I am a Norwegian girl, from Norway, who wants mail penpals, from 20 - 30 year, is there anyone that are interested to wrote with me?

My name is Kari, but you can call me Kabbey! I'm a 14 years old girl who likes to have fun. I like football, music, my computer, chilling on the beach and being with friends. I would like to get to know some new people at my age. So just write:-) Kisses!

My name is Kjell, from Norway.....
i'm locking for pen pals all over the Pacific.... i'm locking for a girl to talk to. i'm in to computers, tv, friends and swimming. i have msn so message me there or e-mail.
Kjell Wiggo

Hi there
I am living in Norway, Tromsø, I am both working and studying here, but am from Vanuatu, close to the Fiji islands in the Pacific. I am looking for a female Penpal from any of the Pacific island nations, especially from the Micronesian or the Polynesian island groups. And by the way, Am 27 years of age. Am waiting your responds
Jahrast Willie

Im a 19 year old girl from Norway who would love to come in contact with somebody who study in Australia. I would love to study in Australia and therefore would it be very interesting getting in contact with someone who does that. Hope for the best :)

HI:) I`m a norwegian girl that love traveling, and ofcourse other stuff.. like music, movies, my friends and etc:) If you want a penpal then write to me:) Hope to hear from you soon!

Female penpal
Hi :) I'm a kind and friendly girl from Norway. I'm 21 and I'm looking for a kind, honest and fun female penpal. Write me first an e-mail, then we can exchange addresses later. Hope to hear from you.

Looking for a man
I am a 40 year old girl looking for a kind man.

Hi everybody
I'm a 20 year old girl from Norway. I'd like to get to know people from all over the Pacific! I would also like to write letters, not just mail...
I hope to hear from you :)

23 year old female seeks friends!
Hi :) I`m a norwegian girl who would like to have a pen-pal from Hawaii, someone around my age. Looking forward to hear from you :D

24 year old woman seeks friends
I live in the east of Norway, not so far from Oslo. I would like to write with other females. I live with my boyfriend and work as a careworker... love music and to be on stage and sing!
Unni Elisabeth

47 year old female seeks pen pal
Hi, I would like a pen pal from Australia, someone around my age (plus/minus). I am married, a university graduate, and among other things I like travelling, gourmet cooking, dancing, music and literature and nature. I hope there is someone out there who would like a Norwegian pen pal, preferably another lady.

I'm a 16 year old girl who live in the south-west of Norway. I like to be mailfriend with someone who lives on new zealand or have been there. My dream is to travel to New Zealand and I want to learn more about the country from someone who has been there. Hope to hear from you....
Gunn Marit

I'm Idunn, and I'm 18 years old. I'm from the middle of Norway. I would like to have a penpal from another country, doesn't really matter where you are from. Anyone can write to me, boy or girl, young or old. My interests are music, singing, taekwon-do and good friends! I'm happy to return your mails!=)
I am engaged to a man that was born in Fiji in 1943, this will be a 2nd marriage for both of us. I want to learn about your customs and country. I would also like to find some of his family members to surprise him. He often talks about growing up in Levuka before moving to the Marshall Islands.

I'm 16 years old from Norway and I'd like lots of penpals :-)
See ya!

Penpal from another country
I'm a female from norway.I'm 19,and want to talk to females from a other country. mine intr:friends,pool,my boyfriend,talk,dance ..(2004) hope you'll write to me soon :)

i wish for some contact with some okey people from Hawaii, i really like this place and i would like to move there in a couple of years, it could be great to learn about people and the culture over there before i decide to go there and maybye stay for good.
i'm 17 years old, in this time i'm going to school studying medicine, i love it. i love new cultures and new people so age does not matter eather if you are male or female.i hope to hear from someone soon;) take care, huggs from Norway

Gosia Kazimierczyk

Wanted Penpals from PITCAIRN
female 19 y/o living in western norway seeks penpals from pitcairn.

I am a boy from Norway, 16 years old. I wish to have a penpal from Fiji. I've been there once. I like the Fijian lifestyle and traditions, and the music. So please write back if you wanna know more. Bula!

I`m a fourtheen year old girl from Norway.. I would really like to have a pen pal!! ( Dosent matter where your from) I`ve had a lot of pen pals in the past and would like to have one now. So, mail me!! In my free time I like to listen to music, hang out with friends and lots more. ;)

HI Everybody!
I'm a 15 years old girl from Norway.
I would like to have a pen-pal or mailfriend from any other country in the world. my hobbies are a lot of things like: Training, friends, music and more. if you want to get to know me better, please send to me:)
I will send answer to as many I can!
Your age should be ca the same as me...
Hope to hear from you soon:)

Pen friend from Fiji Islands
Bula! I am 33 yrs old. Been to Fiji twice. lookin for pen friends 33 yrs of age and up from Fiji. Hobbies are travelling,fishing, sewing and cooking etc. My e-mail address is

Looking for Nauruans!
Hi! My name is Daniel Drageset. I am a 16 year old young man from Ålesund in Norway. I would like to get in touch with any Nauruans. I am really fascinated by your island.
I hope to hear from you!
Hello there!
I`m a Norwegian girl (age 15).
My hobbies are: soccer, music, dancing, BOYS ;) and much,much more. I`d like to have a penpal / mailfriend from Hawaii (or any other country in the world...) Looking forward to hear from you!!! =)
Lots of Love,

Hello Tonga!
I want to meet a girl from Tonga. Your age can be 25-35. I am a Norwegian man, and I am 45 years old. My email address is I hope I hear from you soon!

Hello! Is there anyone who want to write with us..??? We're two girls from Norway. We are 15 years old, and we like Hawaii!!! :D
Ina & Anne

"Get away"
Hello! I'm a 18 years old boy from Norway whos going to travel for one year next year (2002). I've not decided where I want to travel, but countries like Mexico, Hawaii and USA could be interested. I just want to "get away from Norway", for a while. Is there anyone that have done the same thing before, and been in the countries I have written? Please e-mail me for any suggestions. Hope to hear from U =)

Hawaii freaks!
Hi, I'm a Norwegian wanna-be-surfer, and I'd like a pen pal who knows a lot about Hawaiian beaches and good places for surfing. I'm currently planning my year in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I'll be a high school exchange student for a year or so. I love to travel, and anybody who's interested would be welcomed to e-mail me.

Hi there!
- Hope you're not too surprised when I tell you friends in the Pasific that I'm 70 years old - but that's only on my birthcertificat! I travel as much as my economy allows and I have never been to the Pasific. Would love to have a letter from somebody out there, either to mail or chat.
Regards Birte Ragde in Oslo, Norway:

Looking for a "lost" friend in Fiji........
For about 35 years I had a pen pal in London, originally from Fiji, and he was a student - (lawyer). Do I have a chance to come in contact with him again? I only know, - he lived in the part of London called Willesden, and his name was Ram Sumer...

I would very much like to have a penfriend from any other Pacific islands, as I'm planning to go there next year (2002) for about 8 weeks, - or just a friend. Are YOU interested? Let's meet and chat by E-mail!!


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Hi there, I am a 45 year old female with three kids seeking a male of my age. I am from Papua New Guinea. If you are the right person get in touch.
Hello. My name is Emmanuel. Am 42
Am from Auckland New Zealand.
I looking for a Female friend From Norway age from 20 to 40s. Am interesting in Traveling, Biking, Cooking, Electronic and Home Improvement.
Please send your Reply to or

I am a Papua New Guinean and interested in both male and female penpals. I am 30 years old and completes my Bachelor Degree in HR and currently working as a Senior HR Officer with Transport Dept. in PNG.

Hi there..
I am 29 years old gentleman from the country of fazzy wazzy angel (PNG) and I like meeting friends from other places. Feel free to share me your culture & I will share mine with you.

Hi there! I am 30 years old from Papua New Guinea and I am an artist. I love travelling, photographying, playing sports and meeting friends. I would like someone out there to share with me your culture.

I am a single 28 years old soldier in PNG and would like to have a female pen pal in Norway age 20 to 30. Hoppies: sports (soccer & boxing),literiture, music, painting travelling. Interest: military, businesss & politics. Please dont hesitate to contact me. Ta, Solo.

I am from Papua New Guinea, I'm 23 yrs of age and m in having a pen pals between the ages of 18-22yrs age girls from Norway.. If interested to correspond with me please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via email.

Looking for a pen pal from Norway
Hi, I am a 27 year old male from PNG and I would like to have a pen pal from Norway. My hobbies are; swimming, travelling, reading and music. Please email me and I'll send you my pics and we'll know more about each other.

Seeking a friend from Norway
I live in Port Vila which is in Vanuatu.
I am interested in getting female friends from Norway with whom we can exchange ideas on different issues, such as, long-term relationship, visits, travel, writing to each other, exchanging gifts, etc.
Andy Ssemwa

Hi hellow
I 'm a male from Papua New Guinea, 23 years old. I like to make friends with a female from Norway, any age old. I like playing Golf, Rubgy, music, fishing, watching and dancing. I wana know about the place & culture she lives. I'll be happy to tell her about my culture & places.

hi im vai. kwali from papua new guinea,im 27 years of age, male, im seeking girl pen pal from norway, ranging from any age.

Seeking female
I am a 55 year old gentlemen seeking new life with a friendly single lady. I am from Papua New Guinea and work for a mining company as a mechanical engineer.

I am Dolly from Fiji Islands. I am working as an Accounts Officer for a local company here. I am a divorcee with 4year old son. Love to make friends.


Norwegian female penpal
Hi my name is Griffin, I'm 27 yrs old and I'm from Papua New Guinea looking for any Norwegian female between the age 19 and 29 to be my penpal.

Hi there,
My name is Louis, I’m male 34 from Papua New Guinea, and I’m interested to have a Norwegian pen friend, female between 20 and 40. If you are interested then email me and lets get to know each other and see where we go from there.

I am 31 Year old Male from Fiji seeking female penpals from Norway with ages from 20 - 32. I am single and ready to mingle :) Cheers

Hi there,
My name is Peter and I am from Papua New Guinea.I am 38 years of age and I need pen pals from Norway. Please do send em an email if you love having friends from Papua New Guinea. Regards,

my name is Jaybee am from Papua New Guinea and am wanting a penpal from Norway to share cultural artifacts and other traditional items. I prefer female.

my name is Maki. I’m from Vanuatu, an island country west of Fiji. I would like to have a female friend from Norway. I like travel, sports, movies and reading novels. I am 34 years of age and still looking for a lady for good happy marriage.
Maki Isick

Im Lizz Bafenu from Papua New Guinea and I’m 35 years of age. Im looking for a friend in Norway as well for a serious relationship. Im a single mother with two kids a boy and a girl. Anybody interested don’t hesitate to contact me! Regs Lizz

I am 33 year old male from Papua New Guinea seeking penpals from Norway, especially ladies, anybody interested can contact my email address below.
Regards, Philemon Hanlo

I am from Papua New Guinea 39yrs and am seeking a man/woman penpal of any age from Norway. I would like to share more of my country diverse culture and beauty and exchange gifts. I am employed as a general manager of a company and am very keen and excited in meeting people from other parts of the world.

I am from Papua New Guinea 25yrs and am seeking a young women penpal from Norway. I would like to share more of my country diverse culture and beauty and exchange gifts.
I am employed as a Telecommunications Techncian and i’m into computers, rugby and am very keen and excited in meeting people from other parts of the world.

Hi there!
I'm Slots from Papua New Guinea, living and working in Port Moresby. I'm a male of 22 years of age and am working with Digicel Mobile Company. I''d love to chat with guys from Norway. If you're interested, I am ready to fill your inbox!
Aloha mai kaua
I am a native to Hawaii, and would like to make connections with friendly people from Norway. i'm 40 yrs. young and would love to learn and immerse myself in other language and cultures. i am fluent in my language and practices in my roots, from medicinal and culinary arts to music and political soveriegn rights in international laws and treaties pertaining to todays environment in Hawaii.. if you want to make this connection with me, i am here.. a hui hou e ku'u hoa..

I want to have penpals from Norway. I'am a 24 years old guy from Suva, Fiji. I wanna make frens whether you're gal or a boy young or old...just sent an email so we
can talk about anything....lols....

Hi there,
I am very interest to find a girl from Norway, between the age of 20 - 26 years old. I am very interest to make friend and then going in to serious relationship. I am from Solomon Island, but residing in PNG. I have just Graduate and now working. The woman that I want must be very honest, reliable, faithfull and can do all things that a wife and a mother can do. She must have a strong Christian backgraound. Your qualification does not matter but you must have the qualities that most men are looking for. If got thise qualities, Please kindly email:

Seeking female penfriends
Hi, I'm John, 22 years old from Papua New Guinea. Seeking female penfriends 18-35 years old. I love flying and see new places. I currently doing my flight trainings. Waiting to hear from you soon.
John Malga

Seeking penpal
Hi I'm 25 years old and single from Pacific country, Papua New Guinea. My name is John and am seeking femal pen pals from 20 - 35 years for long term serious friendship. If there is any one interest to write to me?
email at;

Seeking female penfriend
Hi there, my name is Rodney, living in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. I am 25 yrs old and would like to seek female pen pals between the age of 20- 30yrs from Norway. I am currently work as an aviation economist with my government. If any one is interested; contact me. cheers Rodney rodsw or

Looking for pen pal & friend ship
I'm 25 male from Papua New Guinea, single and am looking for a pen pal. I 'd love to have a female age between 18-30 years. Please mail to me thru this email box for correspondence.

I am a 25 years, male from PNG seeking penpals from Norway. I am sincere, have good sense of humour and love camping/hiking alot. I also love computers and new technologies.

Hi Everyone,
I am Hukusi from Papua New Guinea but I am living and working in New Zealand. I am looking for long serious relationships with females. I am male 26 years old single and i live alone. Please if you are looking for long serious relationship with someone you can trust, try email me and you will know whom you are talking to. Email me or use yahoo messenger with the username hukusi07. I would love to talk to you. I hope to talk to you soon.
Kind Regards

Hi Everyone,
I am loben from Papua New Guinea, I am looking for penpals and long term relationships. With the posibility of me travelling to your country or you coming to mine. Please write to me and lets talk seriously. Please email me on

Hi there, my name is Steven and I am from Papua New Guinea. I really would like to find and have a penfriend from Norwegian especially female between the ages 20 - 30 yrs. I am 30 yrs of age and I am working with a Gold Mine back in Papua New Guinea called Porgera Joint Venture. I am an Investigator. Please quickly email me and we can commence. Thanks and hope to here from you soon. Cheers!
Steven Pakaran

Hi im zeke from Papua new guinea. Iam seeking female penpals from Norway age between 18-30..anyone interested please email me. Love to hear from you soon... cheers

I am Papua New Guinean, from the South West Pacific region and would like to correspond with Norway people of ages between 30 - 45 of both sexes interested in marketing indigenous performing arts and crafts overseas.
Christopher Usuka

I am from Vanuatu, close to the Fiji islands in the Pacific, but am living in Norway, Tromsø. Am both working and studying here. I am looking for a female Penpal. And by the way, Am 27 years of age. Am waiting your responds.
Jahrast Willie

My name is Rob from New Zealand looking for Penfriend(s) to communicate/correspond with. If interested please reply back. cheers. Rob
I am a 40 year old male from Brisbane, Australia. I am looking for a penfriend from Norway age 35 to 40. Single or widow.

Hi there
I am a 26 year old male from Papua New Guinea is looking for a Norwegian female penpal between 20 and 30. I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Please feel free to email me.
Regards Chris
I`m Apisai from fiji Islands, I am seeking pen-pals. I am working at Fiji Electrity Authority of Fiji as a System Administration (Programmer). I love to visit other Countries to. You most welcome to write to me.

Hellow from Fiji
I am a man and I would like to have a female friend. My age is 35, single and educated.
Jatish Chand

G'day Norge!
Jeg er ikke norsk men jeg laerer det i bare 3
maaneder. Jeg er 43 aar gammel og bor i Cairns, en tropisk by ved kysten i Nord Australia. Den ligger i naerheten av Barrier Reef. Jeg vil gjerne skrive med menn i Norge for aa forbedre norsken min.

Aloha from Hawaii.
I'm Gary. Tall, tanned and available. I'd like to meet a single lady for a serious relationship. What better place to fall in love than in Hawaii? If you've ever dreamed of moving to paradise, then It's time to stop dreaming and start writing me.

Im from Fiji Islands and looking for penpals wo can be a good friend and with whom I can share everything. I have good times and bad times and I need a freind who could be there at both times. If u think u can be my true friend please do write to me on email.
Fareena Khan
hei hei! seeking pen pal
Hi my name is Damien, im a 20 yr male from Sydney Australia and i would really like to meet some people from Norway and learn some of the langauge as i am traveling there next year. I have no prefrence to who you are. hope to hear from you!

seeking penpal
hi there my name is brock and am from australia. i am 23 yrs old and would
like a penpal from from norway as im would like to get a better understanding of the country, culture and language. a reply from a female would be preffered. i dont bite so i hope to hear from someone soon.
my email is

looking 4 penfriend
Hi, there. My name is praveen. I am 24 years old male from fiji Islands. I would like to have a penfriend from Norway. Both males and females can email me. All mails willbe replied. Bye and hope to hear soon from you. My email is

I'm from Australia and I am planning to travel to Norway next year for Christmas. I would love to learn norwegian and learn more about the country. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,

I am a 23 year old student living in Adelaide, Australia. I'm a woman. I would really like to write to some Norwegian penpals. I visited Norway in 2001 and loved the country and would like to visit again one day in the future. I'm studying law but am interested in practically everything. Preferably I would like students to write to me or people who have been at uni. I hope to hear from someone soon, bye,
Big Island of Hawaii
Hi! I'm Trisha, a 31-year-old divorced mother to 1 girl living on the Big Island of Hawaii. I am looking for other female pen pals (preferably other mothers) to write to by snail mail. If you're interested, please e-mail me at and tell me a little about yourself and I'll send you my mailing address.

Trisha tckelekia@yahoo
from hawaii..f/nov 6,69/mom to girl born may 6,00/ i seek pen pals all over the world. i collect paper beer lables from glass bottles, keychain, stamps. .if you reply to me.. i answer to all 100%.

I am a male from fiji and I am seeking for a penpal from Norway. I am 24 yrs old and work as a engineer. I would like to be in touch with a Norwegian girl. I would also like to write with island girls - like Cook Islands.

looking for a pen friend or more
hi,my name is Maggie Cudanin,Living in the paradise Island name Boracay. Im 39 year old,and looking for a friend or life time partner.Only for seriousman.

I want a penfriend for e-mail
Im male 20 years old from Fiji islands in the Pacific Ocean and this is my first year at university. i hate my life alot, every weekend i go drinking alcohol with friends (male and female). i just dont know how to cope with my life, im seems to be lossing alot in life. any advise out there??

Fazzy fazzy

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