Skeleton in Saudi Arabia believed to be a hoax confirmed to be true!
The real photo!
The real photo!

Wrong picture but true story about the giant skeleton found in Saudi Arabia!

Was it deliberate that the picture
in a story of a giant skeleton found in Saudi Arabia was fake - or had the newspaper just picked a photo they thought fit as an illustration? Here is the real photo and a confirmation that the story is true!

A few year ago I read a story on the internet about a giant skeleton that was found in Saudi Arabia by an oil-exploration company (ARAMCO) but learned by doing some surfing that it was a hoax: The picture was manipulated with a photo-editing software - made for a competition a competition in the web site
The fake photo!
The fake photo!
    Then, quite some time later, I came across the same "hoax " again but I was surprised to see that it seemed that the story might have some truth to it after all - even if the picture was a fake! A Dr. Richard Paley of Fellowship University in the USA had called his contacts in the Middle East to hear if they knew anything about the story, and got confirmed an ARAMCO geological team had uncovered something in southeast Saudi Arabia in the summer of 2000:
"A teacher in Saudi Arabia has told me that it is well
Dr. Richard Paley
Dr. Richard Paley
known among foreign oil workers whom he is in contact with, that some sort of human remains were discovered in the desert.", he says on his webpage.
    Dr Paley decided to contact the teacher and see if he heard of anything about photos being taken at the fossil site:
    - He said that he had heard there were photos taken, but that the police had confiscated them all, however he would ask around and see if anyone knew any more. Then, just this morning, I received an e-mail from a person in the Saudi oil industry who, understandably, wishes to remain nameless. He told me that he was working as a technician (not a geologist) with the team that found the skeleton and corroborated much of the rumors about the incident. The skeleton was indeed of a giant human and there was a police cover up.
    Well, I decided to send an email to Dr Paley:

Dear Sir,
I read in an internet page that you are investigating an issue about giant bones found in Saudi Arabia: Paley, "A teacher in Saudi Arabia has told me that it is well known among foreign oil workers whom he is in contact with, that some sort of human remains were discovered in the desert." "The workers' wild speculation on what these remains were, ranged from angel fossils to the bones of Mohammed. But the most common claim was that they were giant human bones."

Can you please confirm that this is familiar to you?
Terry Dahl
Sydhav ("South Pacific")
I received a reply - and I was surprised to read that not even was the story true but that Dr. Paley was concerned for the welfare of his informants - he obviously feared that they might have got in serious trouble with the secret police because of the involvement in such a controversial matter:
Dear Mr. Dahl,
Please see my web-site for the story and photo that was sent to me:
This is all I know. My contacts have gone cold since then. I pray every
night that they are safe.
Yours in Christ,
Dr. Richard Paley
Fellowship University Theobiology Department

So there you go: As far as I know - the story of the giant skeleton found in Saudi Arabia is true!

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