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Strand i FijiTa en virtuell tur til Fiji, Hawaii og de andre polynesiske landene!
På grunn av korona-viruset kan det bli en stund til vi får besøke paradisøyene i sydhavet, men vi kan jo drømme
Så her finner du linker til endel Youtube-videoer:

Resort Fjji"Virtual tour inside Fijis most exclusive resorts"
"Bula! Step inside some of Fijis most luxurious resorts. Fiji is home to many beautiful five star resorts that rank among the best in the world. The heart of the South Pacific, Fiji is blessed with 333 tropical islands that are home to happiness."
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Waikiki Beach"Virtual Tour Waikiki Beach, Oahu"
"This 4K stunning footage shows how beautiful Waikiki beach really is. Enjoy the the views of a 2-mile stretch of white sand, calm turquoise blue ocean, unusual trees called Banyan including amazing urban scenes of towering high-rises and hotels which are located 2-minute walk from Waikiki beach."
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"Cook Islands Vacation Travel Guide"
"The Cook Islands – The land of pristine white sands fringed by coconut palms. Experience the castaway island magic as you follow our journey through paradise."
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Slottet i Tonga"The Beautiful Kingdom of Tonga"

"A magical tour of the pristine waterways and secluded island getaways that make up the 176-island archipelago of the Kingdom of Tonga. Featuring the three Island groups of Tongatapu, Ha'apai and Vava'u."

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"Niue Island Tourism Promotional
"Niue is not your typical South Pacific Island with snowy white sand and swaying palm trees! But what they lack in terms of beaches the reason why you should come here, is the people of the island!"
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Apia"The stunning capital of Apia!"
"- Let's walk around Samoa's beautiful capital Apia, visit the important sites and let's learn a few things along the way. This is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the Pacific Ocean!!"
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Amerikansk Samoa
Pago pago, Amerisk Samoa"American Samoa Tour"
"This is look at the US Territory of Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA. This for all of you who are home sick and who is serving the Country and abroad hope you all like this clip, because there is more to come about the island.."
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Street FunafutiTuvalu
"The capital Funafuti"
"- Let's visit Tuvalu (formerly known as the Ellice Islands) which is a Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, about midway between Hawaii and Australia. It comprises three reef islands and six true atolls with a population of 10,640."
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Fransk Polynesia
Cooks Bay"Cruising in the Islands of Tahiti "
"Here the ports-of-call are uncrowded and charming, the ships are smaller and luxurious, the neon-blue waters within the lagoons are calm, and the ocean journey between the islands is short."
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Påskeøya (Rapa Nui)
Påskeya"Full Day Tour around Easter Island"
"My first full day on Easter Island and I go on an organised tour to the main sites. The first stop is Ahu Hanga Te’e, a site with eight fallen Moai and their Pukao (topknots). "
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Wallis og Futuna
"Walls & Futuna"
Wallis"Wallis and Futuna is a Polynesian French island territory in the South Pacific."
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Pitcairn"Life on Pitcairn Island"
"Home of the descendants of the mutineers from HMS Bounty""
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For våre sider om Pitcairn - klikk her

"Det Siste Paradis"
Det siste paradisBoken om Terje Dahls seilas i 22 fots Coco Loco, den minste båten til å legge ut på en jordomseiling.
" - Du er klin kokos! sa vennene mine da jeg kastet loss fra Rådhuskaia. Etter fire år, to orkaner og fire tropiske stormer måtte jeg lure på om de hadde rett..."
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Pris kr.150,-

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